Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Red River - 29th Indian Handicrafts and Gifts Fair, Noida

Glimpses from the 29th Indian Handicrafts and Gifts Fair, Noida.

The Kandaree Talents - Santina Daimari

Introducing the Kandaree talents - The hands behind the beautiful products of The Red River.

She working on the packaging. 

Always with a smile...

Santina Daimari is one of our star champions. The Red River products as seen are a result of her work.
Belonging to a family of farmers, she had the courage to go ahead and train herself in Stitching and Cutting. She had a urge to work in this field of creativity since a child and this passion was made possible by Kandaree. She is one of the hard-working people at Kandaree. In the organization, she shares a lot of responsibilities - labeling, finishing and quality control. Now, she is able to support a family of four!

Monday, February 15, 2010

29th Indian Handicrafts and Gifts Fair

Indian Handicrafts and Gifts Fair, Noida is arranged by the Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts under the aegis of Development Commissioner (Handicrafts), Ministry of Textiles, Government of India. The Indian Handicrafts & Gifts Fair in Noida India provides comprehensive information to foreign buyers on the entire range of handicrafts of India and liaisons between Indian handicrafts exporters and foreign buyers.

The fair is an attempt to promote Indian handicrafts industry which has impressed people and connoisseurs, the entire world over with its grace, perfection and beauty. However, the handicrafts artists in India are often made to face ignominy at the hands of their employers because not all of these artists can afford to put up their own establishments. They have to depend on traders who deal with handicrafts items; these traders buy the items cheap from the artisans and sell them dear to the buyers in the city, thereby denying the craftsmen of what they actually deserve. The Indian Handicrafts & Gifts Fair Noida is an attempt to bring under the same roof, the buyers and sellers of the handicrafts industry to facilitate trade and promotion of the items, and help them communicate on closer terms so that they can come to know of each others' need. The Indian Handicrafts & Gifts Fair Noida is one of the most popular trade fairs in Noida.

India is the home to the world's largest handicrafts industry. Indian Handicrafts & Gifts Fair in Noida Uttar Pradesh showcases the widest range of materials, products and designs from all over India. No matter what kind of handicrafts products you are interested in, you will find just what you need at the Indian Handicrafts & Gifts Fair in Noida India. It is a well planned display of products exhibited by over 1500 exhibitors of which 70% are accredited manufacturer-exporters with the government sponsored Export Promotion Council.

The Red River would be one of the companies showcasing the products of the weavers and artisans of the North East. 
Updates to follow.

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Thursday, February 11, 2010


The Fuschia Influences:
Paint Color Trends for 2010: Richness in life is personally defined. Discovery of one’s uniqueness, harmony of life, and well being gains new importance. Adventure has no global boundaries. Inner opulence is complete with romance and passion.

As seen on the Ramps:

Nature Reveals it:

Fuschia is the "in" colour this spring season. And, The Red River has some really nice fuschia home decor products. Fuschia is a bright pink if you didn't already know : )

You can check out The Red River Products on the following Facebook link:

We would also like to hear the colors you would like to see in your home this spring/summer.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Assam...a land of myths and mysteries

Assam is a land of mountains and hills, plains and lowlands, the land of the Red coloured Brahmputra River cutting across the serene blue hills and mountains. The mighty River Brahmputra which rises in Tibet, flows through the entire length of Assam and finally empties itself into the Bay of Bengal. This lifeline of Assam is also known as Lohit (deriving from Lauhitya in Sanskrit, meaning the red river). The legend behind the red river is that sage Parashuram washed off the bloody stains off his body after committing matricide thus regaining his sainthood. The red colour of the water gives the name of red river to Brahmputra.

Derivation of the name “The Red River” is from the fact the river Brahmaputra is the source of sustenance, cultural identity for the communities who reside on the bank. “The Red River” envisions to similarly nourishing the communities as the river has, for so many years.

The vision of The Red River is to create sustainable markets spaces of ethical and fair trade for the home made products of the artisans of the un-reached/un-explored regions. We, at The Red River, plan achieve this by creating a brand for the hand made products of the region and linking to niche, premium markets where there is a demand for "conscious" goods.