Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Now available - Puppy Love and Alice in Wonderland

Her first blush, her first crush, her first heart break ...
Red River wraps it up all and presents to you the Puppy Love collection - colorful cotton cushion covers with stories written on them in Kantha stitch.

Did you ever think the humble Kantha stitch could make things look so pretty?

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And hold on there is more ....
Alice in Wonderland, our latest offering, is Red River's reflection of her longing for the springtime of life... O how she wishes to dress up again like an angel, stroll through the greens picking violets and innocently drown in her wonderland!!

This is our first co-creation and The Red River wholeheartedly thanks Maheswari Janarthanan for her pretty doodles.

Watch out this space for more as Alice has not yet walked you through her mesmerizing wonderland!! More cushion covers to take you back to your childhood days.
To see more pictures click here!

Our new collection is already being talked about. Eye Candy! That's what blogger Chandana Banerjee calls it on her blogzine "Cookie Jar".

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