Sunday, December 5, 2010

Red River at the OWC Christmas Bazaar

Red River was at the Overseas Women's Club Christmas Bazaar this Saturday. It was a very festive and christmassy affair and hence snowflakes are falling on our blog too :)
We had a whale of a time. It was great meeting some very talented fellow stall owners and some very nice fans who recognized our stall and walked up to say hello!
Thank you all for being such dedicated fans and for the great response!!

Here are some glimpses from the event -

Our stall space

Cushions & colourful cloth pouches

Wine bottle covers

Our first customers for the day who bought a Puppy Love cushion cover!

Birds on satin twigs

A very excited li'l customer who wanted earrings that matched her dress - and she got them!

Kakoli Das - the founder of Red River manning the stall

Simran Dhaliwal helping at the stall

Look out for us at more exhibitions and events! We'll keep you posted so watch this space.


  1. Great to hear this, good luck for what is to come

    The snowflakes are a beautiful touch :)

  2. It was very nice to meet you! Glad the event was a success! The snowflakes are lovely :) (Anu from scatter the batter)

  3. Thanks Arundhati and Anu!! Looking forward to see you at many more events.
    You can get the snowflakes effect from here -


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